The Secret to Uncovering EXPLOSIVE Gains and Growing Your Wealth During the Worst Inflation in 40 Years.

If you want to survive “Bidenflation”… crash-proof your trading account… and find windfall profits in even the worst bear markets… read this message ASAP.

Dear friend,

The world is burning. 

Look around you:

Gas prices broke $4 for the first time since 2008. 

Inflation is smashing records every month, gobbling up the value of your hard-earned dollars.

Europe’s fighting its first major war in nearly a century… sending the already-fragile global supply chain — and the stock market — into disarray.

And now, with rising oil prices and bond market mayhem…

People are speaking of a recession on the horizon.

Things aren’t looking good. A lot of investors could get slaughtered…

And yet:

I discovered a hidden market force that, when it triggers on a stock, can send it into the stratosphere…

Delivering FEROCIOUS profit potential to investors.

But even better, it can help you

Stay ahead of the pack and potentially GROW your wealth in even the WORST bear markets.

I call this little-known phenomenon an “Investor Invasion,” and I’ll explain why in a minute. 

But first, let me show you an example:

See that orange circle?

Based on volume traded, you might think this stock’s overbought and ready for a selloff.

What goes up, must come down, right?

That’s not what happened here.

After a couple days of choppy trading, one of these Investor Invasions triggered…

Sending NVDA on a MASSIVE run from $89 to $340. 

Anyone who bought in May could’ve booked a 282% stock gain by November 2021.

If you got in with just $5,000… you could’ve turned that into $19,100!

Here’s another example on Spotify (SPOT):

This one spiked in early 2020 after everything shut down and interest rates dropped. Then, trading volume died off, and things settled down — which might make you think you missed the move.

Again, that didn’t happen.

Instead, we had another Investor Invasion…

Sending SPOT running from $190 on May 14, 2020 to $425 by early 2021.

That’s almost 124% gains in about 9 months!

That would’ve been enough to turn $5,000 into about $11,184.

Hindsight tells us the macro factors that helped these two stocks ran: interest rate cuts, shutdowns, and chip shortages added rocket fuel to tech and semiconductors.

But everyone’s a market genius “in hindsight.” 

No one knew how long shutdowns or supply chain issues would last.

Not even me.

But what I did see were these hidden “Investor Invasions” telling me those stocks were set to explode.

And if you knew how to find them, you could “market-proof” your trading and potentially GROW your account while other investors lose their shirts.

I’ll reveal how in a minute…

But first, let me introduce myself.

I’m Steven Place.

I’ve been successfully trading the markets for a decade and a half. But it wasn’t always that way…

I originally went to school for engineering, then switched over to trading early on for one reason:

I wanted to escape the 9-5 grind and make lots of money.

Fast forward 14 years, and I’ve had some amazing opportunities I never thought possible. 

I’ve spoken on shows like Fox Business and Business News Network…

Published a few books, including the bestseller Options Greeks in Plain English…

Had my research featured on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money…

Written for Forbes and the Chicago Board Options Exchange…

And I’ve even spoken at the CBOE and Nasdaq OMX.

To this day, I occasionally consult with institutional traders — I’m talking huge Wall Street firms.

And while working with these big players, I learned one of investing’s dirtiest secrets.

A deep, dark conspiracy that enriches the Wall Street Suits at the Main Street trader’s expense:

Institutions control the market.

Hedge funds, mutual funds, pensions, endowments…

The big fish effectively “set” stock prices. Us retail traders are just along for the ride.

What’s more:

Institutions employ teams of analysts full-time to find the next hot sector and pile in before the “common rabble” catches wind of it.

But they can’t drop all their cash into their bullish picks right away.

That would yank the price upwards. The fund would pay far too much for the bucket of shares they’re buying.

Instead, they “invade” the stock… rushing to grab as much stock as possible before the public notices.

And when the public does notice and piles in, the institutions slow down. They work their way in piece by piece, buying the small dips on the way up.

This can send the stock on a sustained bull run — therefore, the institutions effectively control when these stocks go up.

Now, if you could “spy” on these big firms…

You could get in early, potentially bank obscene amounts of profit if the stock runs, and possibly insulate yourself from market volatility.

That’s what my Investor Invasion indicator does.

But the best part? 

These bull runs can last for weeks or even months on end, meaning…

You DON’T even have to “buy the dip” to make money!

And you don’t have to time the peak, either.

Catching just a small piece of upside could potentially net you plenty of gains in a short timeframe.

For example, look at PayPal (PYPL):

After the Spring 2020 rebound, most people would’ve looked at this chart and thought “Hmm, PYPL’s gonna cool off soon.”

But in came the big fish with their endless supply of capital, triggering the Investor Invasion Indicator…

Over the course of about 1 year, PYPL rocketed from $147/share to $300/share by early 2021 — a 104% climb.

Still, anyone who bought in October 2020 could’ve made gains in the high 50% range in 3-4 months, depending on their entry.

How about CF Industries Holdings (CF): 

Grabbing this name at $35/share when the Investor Invasion Indicator triggered could’ve earned a fantastic 171% gain…

But even buying at $55/share could’ve still brought home nearly 73% in stock gains in about 1 year.

Sometimes, these moves can happen much faster.

My Investor Invasion indicator caught eXp World Holdings Inc (EXPI) at about $15/share in July 2020…

By early 2021, EXPI had 5.3X’d in price — that’s a 433% return on investment.

If you had sunk just $5,000 into the stock, you could’ve potentially walked away with $25,000 in about half a year.

This, my friend, is the power of the “Investor Invasion”. But there’s one last piece that could potentially

Multiply your gains on every winning trade in less time.

See, the market tends to underprice the upside of most rallies…

Meaning call options get cheap, and buying them can work exceptionally well.

Now, I'm sure you've heard "80% of options expire worthless,” which makes playing the options market sound dangerous.

I’m here to tell you that saying is not true. 

That’s a misinterpretation of a CBOE stat saying 10% of options are held to expiration and exercised. 

About 55-60% of options contracts are actually closed out before expiration for a profit or loss, per that stat. 

That means only 30-35% of options expire worthless.

The Options Clearing Corporation published an even more optimistic study in 2017.

It showed that around 70% of contracts were closed out by investors.

Only 23% expired worthless, and 7% were exercised.

So it’s clear the options market isn’t dangerous if you know what you’re doing. 

In fact, you could easily knock out doubles or triples using options leverage the right way…

And do it in less time than buying the stock.

It comes down to uncovering where the big money’s flowing and timing your entry to the long side well.

That brings me to a brand new, exclusive opportunity for you. A chance to tap into these Investor Invasion opportunities and collect big-time payouts from the market on the regular…

Introducing .......

I built the Investor Invasion System around a simple idea: institutions control the market…

And if we can find where the Fat Cats are putting their money, we can find MASSIVE opportunities in any market conditions — even the worst bear markets.

It’s the exact system I used to find the big wins I’ve been talking about, like:

  • 433% in about 8 months on EXPI

  • 124% in about 9 months on SPOT
  • 282% in 18 months on NVDA
  • 104% in about 1 year on PYPL
  • 171% in about 1 year on CF

And if you join me inside Investor Invasion System, I’ll send you more opportunities like these.

Here’s how it works:

Every 30 days, when a setup triggers my Investor Invasion criteria, you’ll get a full write-up and all the details sent straight to your inbox.

I’ll handle the hard analysis on my end — just set up your trade according to my hand-delivered instructions if you’d like to take it.

Then, I’ll alert you when we’re ready to exit and bag some profits.

That alone is $2,136 of value every single year...

But join today, and you’ll also get my Investor Invasion Weekly Watchlist containing the top Investor Invasion System stocks I’m watching every week (a $588 value).

Plus, you’ll get the following when you join Investor Invasion System:

  • My Investor Invasion System training course (a $299 value):10 video lessons teaching you the secrets behind the Investor Invasion system. After watching these videos, you could try your hand at finding more Investor Invasion Trades yourself!
  • The Investor Invasion trade tracker (a $499 value) that inspects every trade I recommend, saving us time while cutting risk and maximizing profit potential.
  • A step-by-step walkthrough on finding these Investor Invasion on your own
  • Fool-Proof Options Buying report (a $49 value) learn key options trading concepts used by expert options traders to feel confident magnifying your profit potential.

As you can see, I could easily charge $3,571 for this.

That price would be a no-brainer when you look at some of the past setups you could have found with the Investor Invasion system, like:

  • 282% on NVDA in 18 months

  • 171% in about 1 year on CF
  • 124% in about 9 months on SPOT
  • 433% on EXPl in about 8 months
  • 104% in about 1 year on PYPL

But I’m not gonna charge $3,571.

Look: I’m NOT some random “guru” shilling a bunk indicator to squeeze a few bucks out of you.

I’ve been making money in the markets for almost 15 years. I earn enough trading a few hours a day. 

I don’t need to drain your wallet dry, nor do I want to.

My goal is to reveal one of Wall Street’s biggest secrets to help Main Street investors beat the big players at their own game.

That’s why, if you join today, you’ll only pay  $3,571 $1,997 for the Investor Invasion System!

That’s quite the deal, in my opinion.

But wait:

If you join today, I’ll rush you a copy of my report Top 5 picks

This report contains 5 of the most lucrative Investor Invasion opportunities that exist right now, and it’s completely FREE if you join Investor Invasion System today.

Oh, and it’s yours to keep no matter what you do after joining Investor Invasion System.

As a reminder, here’s everything you get for your investment:


VIP access to 12 new Investor Invasion Trade Alerts over the next 12 months. (A $1,188/Year Value)


A full write-up for each Investor Invasion trade, including entry, stops, my analysis, and an options pick. (A $948/Year VALUE!)


An Investor Invasion Weekly Watchlist of the top stocks that could see an Investor Invasion every week. (A $588/Year VALUE!)


A LIVE Weekly Investor Invasion War Room where you get direct access to me. We look for these Investor Invasions together and I answer your questions. (A $1500/Year VALUE!)


The full Investor Invasion training course: so you can learn the secrets behind the Investor Invasion system and run with it yourself (A $299 VALUE!)


Investor Invasion trade tracker spreadsheet so you can see all of our positions at any time. (A $199 VALUE!)


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Your bonus report: Top 5 Stocks Primed to Win in the (digital revolution pipeline idea) — Investing in my flagship pick alone could potentially turn $1,000 into $5,000

Total Value:


It’s really a no-brainer…

Very Limited Time Offer



Look, Inflation’s out of control. 

Supply chains have been shattered. 

Eastern Europe’s in a full-blown war. 

A recession is looming on the horizon.

But the institutions don’t fear any of that because they control the markets.

The sooner you start following these Investor Invasions, the more opportunities you’ll have to grow your wealth and keep yourself safe from troubled times ahead.

Right now is the perfect time to take advantage. 

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and all my bonuses

Still not sure if all this value is worth the investment?

I get it — but I can’t go any lower than $1,997.

So, it’s decision time:

Do you want to be ready for Wall Street’s next move? Do you want to set yourself up for MASSIVE profits, regardless of the chaos and insanity we see in today’s market?

If so, just click the button below. It’ll take you to a secure order form to punch in your payment details and complete your order.

Looking forward to seeing you on my Investor Invasion member’s list!


Steven Place

Investor Invasion